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Boy Meets World!

May 28 '12
May 28 '12
May 28 '12


I know, that’s a great picture of me.

Apr 13 '12

There is no Debbie!

  • Cory: I miss Linda.
  • Shawn: I miss Stacy and Linda.
  • Cory: And Debbie?
  • Shawn: And Debbie.
  • Cory: There is no Debbie!
  • Shawn: Then how come I miss her so much?
  • Cory: Because you're nuts!
Mar 10 '12
Mar 10 '12
Mar 10 '12

shallow boy

my all time favorite episode on mtv2!!!!! =) 

Mar 4 '12
Feb 5 '12
Feb 5 '12
  • Shawn: I got four can't-miss ways on how to get Superbowl tickets.
  • Cory: Okay, give me the best one.
  • Shawn: I go back in time to the first Superbowl when tickets weren't that hard to get.
  • Cory: Good. Good. Very good. I don't need to hear the other three.
Jan 28 '12

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Jan 28 '12

Boy Meets World Marathon!

Who else is watching the Boy Meets World marathon on MTV 2?


Jan 21 '12

If I end up being half the teacher Mr. Feeny is, I will be happy!

sorry i haven’t been uploading as frequently as I used to-I’m student teaching this semester so i’ll be busy grading and teaching and giving advice to my next-door neighbors and all =)

Jan 12 '12
"Gutenberg’s generation thirsted for a new book every six months! Your generation gets a new web page every 6 seconds. And how do you use this technology? To try and beat King Koopa, and rescue the princess. Shame on you. You deserve what you get."
Mr. Feeny (Boy Meets World)
Jan 12 '12
  • Eric: You guys dont think Im freaking out too? Going to college, being on my own, doing my own laundry?! Whites - Easy! Darks - Easy! What about my white shirt with black stripes, what then?!!